Wills & Probate

We encourage our clients of all ages to think about having a Last Will And Testament, Power of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directive For Health Care, also known as a “Living Will.” Far from being a morbid exercise, these documents will provide you with the confidence that your wishes will be carried out as you desire.

On the other end, losing a loved one can be one of the hardest events in your life. Needing to dedicate hours upon hours to settle your loved one’s estate can extend the mourning process and make it worse. If you have to add travel, if you do not live in the same city or neighborhood, the stress can become overwhelming. Clearly, hiring a reliable, experienced probate attorney to handle the process can prove to be valuable.

Last Will And Testament: A Will is arguably the most important legal document that the average person will ever sign. It is an instrument that, upon your death, controls who receives your real estate and personal property, who will act as a legal guardian or conservator for your minor children, and who will control and manage the affairs of your estate known as a Personal Representative.

Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney allows you to designate a trusted individual (i.e. spouse or non-minor child) to conduct important financial and legal matters on your behalf. This document can go into effect immediately or only if you are unable to make decisions for yourself while in a state of mental incapacity.

Advanced Medical Directive For Health Care “Living Will”: A Living Will allows you to make prior decisions for artificial life support during a terminal illness-injury or in a permanent state of unconsciousness. Also, you can designate a trusted person to act as a Health Care Power of Attorney. It not only ensures that your wishes will be heard, but also protects your loved ones from having to make these difficult, deeply personal choices for you.

If you’re looking for advice on the writing of your Last Will And Testament or to assist you in the Probate process, please do not hesitate to call Jimmy Calvert. He is here to help.